This section features insightful audio commentary from a multidisciplinary group of experts in interstitial lung disease. Faculty address clinically relevant topics identified by IPF experts.

Maria L. Padilla, MD, and Timothy P. M. Whelan, MD discuss inhaled NAC as treatment for ipf?


Harold Collard, MD and Steven Nathan, MD, FCCP discuss the following:

  • Non-pharmacologic approaches to disease management


Harold Collard, MD and Steven Nathan, MD, FCCP discuss using antifibrotic drugs for patients with IPF:

  • Real-world complexities of pharmacologic treatment
  • Disease progression, switching, and drug combinations


David J. Lederer, MD, MS, and Ganesh Raghu, MD, FACP, FCCP discuss the following topics:

  • Exciting news from ATS 2015
  • Anticipated results from ATS 2016


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Dr. Marilyn Glassberg and Dr. Charlie Strange's debate


Listen to Dr. Glassberg and Dr. Strange discuss how they choose a treatment for a patient with IPF. Using a pro/con format, they address the efficacy, safety, and side effects of new drugs and the important role comorbidities play when making treatment decisions.


Dr. Kevin Flaherty, MD, FCCP answers common questions related to the newly approved treatments for IPF.