Check out our short videos focused on the latest updates in NTM.


Which of Your Patients Are
at Risk for NTM?

Why You Should Pay Attention to NTM Treatment Guidelines

Drs. Kevin L. Winthrop and Theodore K. Marras discuss which patients are at risk for NTM lung disease.

Drs. David E. Griffith and Kevin L. Winthrop discuss the importance of NTM treatment guidelines.


New Findings in the Treatment of MAC Lung Disease

NTM and Treatment Strategies for Patients with Cavitary Disease

Drs. Theodore K. Marras and David E. Griffith discuss new findings in the treatment of MAC lung disease.

Dr. Sandra Adams discusses some important highlights from the recent pulmonary meeting in Toronto.


Know Before You Go: NTM Grand Rounds Pre-Learning

Dr. James F. Donohue gives an overview of NTM in the broader category of lung disease. From differential diagnosis to the treatment of NTM, Dr. Donohue presents a 5-minute overview.