As a part of the PILOTâ„¢ educational initiative, useful links have been identified to help users learn more about Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis and other ILDs.

The France Foundation

tff-logo2   The France Foundation is accredited with commendation by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) as a provider of education for physicians. The France Foundation is also an ACPE-accredited provider of continuing education for pharmacists.


IPF Center Locator

pff-logo   The Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation has assembled a list of medical centers that have specific expertise in the treatment of pulmonary fibrosis (PF). This compilation is based on the Foundation's experience in working with leading medical centers around the United States to fund research and improve patient care.

ct-gov is a registry and results database of publicly and privately supported clinical studies of human participants conducted around the world.



medline   MedlinePlus is the National Institutes of Health's Web site for patients and their families and friends. Produced by the National Library of Medicine, it brings you information about diseases, conditions, and wellness issues in language you can understand. MedlinePlus offers reliable, up-to-date health information, anytime, anywhere, for free.


Advances in Cystic Fibrosis

Advances in Cystic Fibrosis   The Cystic Fibrosis Care Advancement Program offers a variety of online educational activities for health care providers that discuss the most current clinical issues with CF. This program is Sponsored by National Jewish Health and led by NJH faculty:

Jerry A. Nick, MD
Jennifer L. Taylor-Cousar, MD
Sara Brayshaw, RN, MS
Cathy Chacon, RN


Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients

srtr   The Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients (SRTR) is an ever-expanding national database of transplant statistics. Founded in 1987, the registry exists to support ongoing evaluation of the scientific and clinical status of solid organ transplantation, including kidney, heart, liver, lung, intestine, and pancreas. Data in the registry are collected by the Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network (OPTN) from hospitals and organ procurement organizations (OPOs) across the country. The SRTR contains current and past information about the full continuum of transplant activity, related to organ donation and wait-list candidates, transplant recipients, and survival statistics. This information is used to help develop evidence-based policy, to support analysis of transplant programs and OPOs, and to encourage research on issues of importance to the transplant community.


Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis: Evidence-based Guidelines for Diagnosis and Management

ats-journals   This document is an international evidence-based guideline on the diagnosis and management of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, and is a collaborative effort of the American Thoracic Society, the European Respiratory Society, the Japanese Respiratory Society, and the Latin American Thoracic Association. It represents the current state of knowledge regarding idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF), and contains sections on definition and epidemiology, risk factors, diagnosis, natural history, staging and prognosis, treatment, and monitoring disease course. For the diagnosis and treatment sections, pragmatic GRADE evidence-based methodology was applied in a question-based format. For each diagnosis and treatment question, the committee graded the quality of the evidence available (high, moderate, low, or very low), and made a recommendation (yes or no, strong or weak). Recommendations were based on majority vote. It is emphasized that clinicians must spend adequate time with patients to discuss patients' values and preferences and decide on the appropriate course of action.