IPF Video Series

A New Paradigm in Treating ILD

Cedars-Sinai faculty, Dr. Paul Noble and Dr. Tanzira Zaman, will share interactive cases to demonstrate how to minimize the time to diagnosis and expedite treatment for patients with PF-ILD.

Practical Solutions to SSc-ILD Treatment

Through case presentations and panel discussions, Dr. Maria Padilla and Dr. Margrit Wiesendanger from Mount Sinai review the therapeutic options for managing and monitoring disease progression of SSc-ILD.

A Collaborative Approach to IPF Management

Dr. Gregory Tino and Dr. Mary Porteous from UPENN present several cases that demonstrate the importance of using a multidisciplinary approach, as well as shared decision-making, in patient management.

Post COVID-19 and Patients With and Without Pre-existing ILD

Yale University clinicians, Dr. Mridu Gulati and Dr. Jean Paul Higuero-Sevilla, present cases demonstrating their varied experiences in managing patients in their post-COVID rehabilitation clinic.