Check out our short videos focused on the latest updates in IPF



Need-to-Know Guide for IPF and ILD: An Animated Video Series

Six videos from leading clinicians sharing the latest in IPF diagnosis and how to recognize IPF from other ILDs.


How to Use IPF Guidelines to Make a Diagnosis

When Is It a Connective Tissue Disease?

Dr. Jeffrey Swigris breaks down the recently updated IPF Guidelines so you can make an accurate diagnosis.

Dr. Marilyn Glassberg describes the main symptoms associated with connective tissue disease-associated ILD.

How to Identify Progressive Fibrosing ILD

Interstitial Pneumonia with Autoimmune Features

Learn from Dr. Luca Richeldi how to identify a patient with ILD that is progressing and what can be done.

Understand IPAF as a research classification with Dr. Jeffrey Swigris.

Is It IPF or Cardiovascular Disease?

Engage Your Patients in Shared Decision-Making

Dr. Christopher King helps us understand how to distinguish two diagnoses with overlapping symptoms.

Let Dr. Marilyn Glassberg show you how to involve the patient in their own care through shared decision-making.

Strategies for Making System-Level Changes in Your IPF Clinical Practice

This activity includes animated videos, tools and resources, and key clinical pearls to describe practical, real world examples that can be used to improve patient care. It is meant to inspire small changes within your health care system that may have significant impact on care.

An Early Integrated Palliative Care Delivery Model for Patients with IPF

Improving the Care for IPF Patients Using a Team-Based Approach: A Quality Improvement Project

Dr. Meena Kalluri discusses the need for early integrated palliative care for the IPF patient, the caregiver and for healthcare outcomes.

Dr. Evans R. Fernandez Perez describes the process of assessing key performance indicators in the care of IPF patients and how QI management programs can enhance quality of care for the IPF patient.

Achieving Meaningful Practice Improvement through ILD Centers and Community Partnerships

Dr. Amy L. Olson explains how to develop partner networks between ILD centers and local community providers. The ILD mentors help to guide the local community centers to achieve their action plans.

Exploring the Patient Journey: Let’s Talk About ILD and IPF

This series of short- and fast-moving videos are specifically designed for the primary care audience to address the continuing challenges in the early identification of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.

Part 1: What Is IPF?

Part 2: How to Recognize and Diagnose IPF

This video focuses on the key clinical features of IPF by introducing a patient case and reviewing the importance of physical exam and patient history.

Here, Dr. Amy Olson discusses when to suspect ILD and which tests to perform in order to confirm diagnosis.

Part 3: The Importance of Early Referral and Treatment

This final video explores the disease course, how to communicate and assess the patient’s preferences and values, and reviews therapies for disease management.