Conference Coverage

Luca Richeldi, MD, PhD
University of Southampton

Dr. Richeldi addresses the following questions:

  • What developments in treatment of IPF were presented at the PFF annual meeting?
  • What is the role of patient registries in IPF?
  • Have there been any clinical studies of pirfenidone combined with nintedanib?




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Biomarkers for IPF

Conference Coverage

Naftali Kaminski, MD
Yale School of Medicine

Dr. Kaminski addresses the following questions:

  • Which biomarkers have been investigated for IPF?
  • Are there biomarkers that help diagnosis of IPF?
  • Are there biomarkers for prognosis or monitoring of IPF?
  • Can biomarkers influence disease management choices?
  • Is there a role for genetic testing in IPF?

Conference Coverage

Andrew M. Tager, MD
Harvard Medical School

Dr. Tager addresses the following questions:

  • How do nintedanib and pirfenidone work?
  • Which targets are being investigated in the search for new drugs?
  • Which drug candidates might emerge in the near future?
  • Are there drugs for other indications that might be useful for IPF?